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NextSCV has both a direct and indirect impact on the Santa Clarita Valley.

Our primary influence comes by way of bringing up the next generation of leaders by  providing network-building opportunities for their development, civic engagement and philanthropic involvement. We put local young professionals in the same room as the valley's current movers and shakers.

By attracting young professionals from both private and public entities, we truly have a unique blend of talent that is evident through our local partnerships and within our own organization.

To preserve this blend of talented professionals, our events are invitation-only. But don't let that keep you away! Join our newsletter and request an invite today. A current member will reach out to you personally, helping you assimilate into NextSCV and answer any questions you may have before your first event.




Nothing crazy here. We'll reach out to you with the latest NextSCV news, promo codes for upcoming events, and more!




We ask all new-comers to complete this step so we can match you with a member of our steering committee to host you during your first event.




Once you've been contacted by a current member, join us for our next event, committee meeting or volunteer opportunity. This is where we see leaders emerge and community relationships strengthened.





Director of Development
College of the Canyons Foundation

"NextSCV is a dynamic group of leaders, connectors and doers—not just another networking group. We’re in the business of helping the next generation of community leaders step up to the plate and create positive change. This is a welcoming community of individuals who love to build and challenge the status quo. If that sounds like you, join us!"

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Director of Business Development
Mellady Direct Marketing

"I love that NextSCV gives me a “behind the scenes” look at how businesses have grown and continued to be successful in Santa Clarita. I have made a lot of connections that have turned into clients, and ultimately friends! I would recommend this group to anyone that wants to have a stake in the future of business in Santa Clarita!"



Senior Account Executive
Elevate Public Affairs

"Even having grown up in this Valley, I never thought I’d have the relationships and connections that NextSCV has made possible. I am honored to have met and to be able to work with a group of incredible young professionals. I have had the chance to network and establish relationships with business leaders and community influentials throughout the Santa Clarita Valley thanks to NextSCV."



Community Relations Specialist
Logix Federal Credit Union

“NextSCV has given me the opportunity to personally meet and connect with many leaders and influencers in the Santa Clarita Valley who I wouldn’t normally meet. Learning from them has helped me to be a better worker and future leader in this community.”



Donor Relations Officer
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Foundation

"The best part of NextSCV is the relationships I’ve built. Although we are all at different places in our careers, every month we learn something new and expand our professional circle."



"NextSCV has given me the opportunity to interact and connect with local professionals that are not in my typical professional network. Getting involved in the community and NextSCV has provided a deeper insight into Santa Clarita and all the amazing things this city has to offer. If you are just starting in your professional career, this is the group for you."



Process Improvement Analyst I
Logix Federal Credit Union



Member Services Director
Henry Mayo Fitness and Health

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Co-Founder and Creative Producer
Three Leaves - A Media Production Co.

"NextSCV has given me the opportunity to connect with and learn from young professionals and business leaders in Santa Clarita that I would have otherwise never had the opportunity to meet. The monthly mixers have given me the opportunity to strengthen those connections and learn about new and exciting developments in SCV’s business community."

“NextSCV has provided the infrastructure and clear path to integrate our next generation into leadership positions. We get to connect to instrumental people in the Santa Clarita Valley on a personal and professional level to understand what steps it takes, challenges to face and connections to have to serve in capacities that can change or influence the future of our community.”

"What I love about NextSCV is that it fosters relationship building with our community, local businesses and industry leaders and helps us to grow and evolve in our professional journeys."

 Portraits Photos by Greg Grudt PhotographyIf these photos will be used on Social Media, please be sure to tag the following: @greggrudtphotography


Co-Founder and Technical Producer
Three Leaves - A Media Production Co.


"NextSCV is a different kind of professional organization that goes beyond the traditional “networking” events. You don't just leave a NextSCV event with a few business cards - you walk away with fresh insights and an inspired outlook.”